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9th of July 2013, Sopron, Ágfalva


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Here are the Final Results of the EFAC 2013.
Champion of nations final ranking at this link.

We hope you enjoyed yourself and you are welcome to return whenever you please!



The maps of courses are downloadable in HERE!
If you want to see please care this file in Google Earth




IFAA     ELEVEN Targets       MISZ



Dear Friends,   

As Chairman of the Organizing Committee and on behalf of the Hungarian Archery Association, I am pleased to invite you to the IFAA European Field Archery Championships 2013.

The Competition will take place 09–13-th of July 2013 and will be shot according to the IFAA rules and regulations. The event is open to all competitors from European member countries.

The Championship will be held in Ágfalva, near Sopron. The place of competition a beautiful horse club at the foot of the Alpine mountains. Vadon Horse Club and the nearest mountains ideal place for good competition and other recreational programs.
All ceremonies, competitions are located here.

Finally, on behalf of myself, the event Organizing Committee, and all Hungarian Archers I warmly welcome all of you to Sopron.


Sebastian Vánky
President OC and HAA



The deadline of registration is very soon! We will close at 15.06.2013.

After this date the registration possible only by email and plus 50€ administration fee.

E-mail address:

If register by email please add the following datas: Name, Date of Birth, Association, Country, Classification, Category.
(Optional the transfer from/to Schwechat, and transfer from/to recomended hotels.)

Please do not transfer the fees after 01.07.2013.


  Target Outlet is OPENED!!!
ORDER FORM available in HERE

ELEVEN targets will be used on all courses. Used targets are for sale after the competition. The price is reduced by 30%.
Please fill out the attached form and send it to if you are interested.

 The orders will be confirmed and handled in chronological order. The transport is to be solved by the buyer.

Free shipping if buy minimum 28 targets
up to 500 km from place of competition.


IFAA European Field Championships 2013, 9-13 July Sopron (Ágfalva), Vadon Lovas Klub


7-th  Sunday

8-th Monday
09:00-20:00 Arrival, Registration, Training
12:00-16:00 Technical control
17:00-18:00 Representatives meeting
19:00-20:00 Opening Ceremony

9-th Tuesday
1-st day of shooting

10-th Wednesday
2-nd day of shooting,

11-th Thursday
3-d day of shooting,

12-th Friday
4-th day of shooting,

13-th Saturday
5-th day of shooting,
Award Ceremony, Banquet

14-th Sunday

Every day programs 9-th Tuesday till 13-th Saturday:

07:00-7:30 Leaving hotels, arrival to competition center by busses
07:00-08:00 Practice, warm up
09:00-15:00 Shooting
15:00-17:00 Practice
17:30- Back to hotels by busses


Entry fee(net*):    150 € / competitor

Discounted entry fee(net*) received before 9-th of April 2013           120€/ competitor

*net=after bank and transfer fees

Families (2 ore more shooters from same family) get 20 € allowance/competitor from Entry fee.

Cancellation policy: until 09.04.2013. 90% repaid, after 01.06.2013. 50% repaid. No refound if cancelled within two from competition.


Entry fee includes:

●             Banquet

●             Toilets on the fields

●             Minimum 3 fields depending on the number of competitors.

●             Mineral water on the field

●             Equipment fixing places

●             Medical attendance

●             Reception after the opening ceremony

●             Medals, awards


Additional costs:

                - Transport from and to the airport (Schwechat)               40 € /person

                - Transport from recommended hotels to competition area 30 € /person (8th-13th July)

                - Meals, drinks in competition centre




 Please transfer 120€ and transport fees before 9-th of April to:

After 10-th of April please transfer 150€!

Hungarian Archery Association
Bank Name: Unicredit Bank
Bank Address: 1154 Szabadsagter5-6 Budapest
IBAN: HU85 1091 8001 0000 0080 5002 0030