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IFAA - IAU Indoor Open - OB

18th of February 2012, Budapest, FEHOVA





Dear Friends,


As Chairman of the Organizing Committee and on behalf of the HUNGARIAN ARCHERY ASSOCIATION, I am pleased to invite you to the Indoor IFAA Hungarian Open Archery Championships.

The Competition will take place 18-th of February 2012 and will be shot according to the IFAA rules and regulations extended by x-bow category, giving our friends from International Crossbow Association the possibility to participate in the event. The competition and award ceremony is held in the exhibition center Hungexpo hall B.

Everybody is shooting at the same time If the number of archers stays below 400 making it to an event to remember.

FEHOVA (Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition) will also be held that time, with several interesting shows and programs and with approximately 10.000 visitors a day. The competition is opened to all we welcome all archers who would like to participate in the competition.
The IFAA Hungarian Open, HEACH, Eleven Duel, the and the Eleven 3D will be held simultaneously, (but with differed time schedules) everyone can attend all competitions if they want. Please see Schedule for archery Festival.(16-19-thof February)
The registration fee for the competitors includes the entrance fee of the HUNGEXPO.
Registration and entrance at Gate2!

Let me wish all participants a successful competition and a pleasant and entertaining experience all our visitors and quests that come to our event!

See you in February!

Sebastian Vánky

Organizing Committee
Hungarian Archery Association


18-th of February.

Location B building


09.00-11.00 Registration
11.00-11.10  Opening ceremony
11.15-15.30  Competition
16.30-17.30  Award ceremony

General info


The detailed schedule will be published on webpage from 10-th of February.
Totally 60 shots will give the final ranking.


Categories:  IFAA rules

                    and CRB category : for crossbow (XBOW) archers as the IAU Field Indoor rules.




The first 3 are awarded with medals and diplomas.


Registration fee:

Registration only electronically on the registration site:

Registration fee is 32€.

Registration and payment before 5-th of February= 7 € discount, that means to pay is 25€.

The registration on site is preliminary till payment is received. Status of  payment is indicated in the registration list. Payments received after 5-th of February are considered as on place registration.

Please transfer 25 euro before 5-th of February to:

IBAN: HU76 1176 3055 3770 9882 0000 0000
owner: Hungarian Archery Association
bank name and address : OTP Bank
H-1052 Budapest Deak F. u. 7-9. Hungary

Please write your name and registration number(s) on transfer.
In case of joint transfer please write every registered person’s name in the transfer note.

Cancellation policy: Notification before 5-th of February 90% of received payment.

No refund after 5-th of February.

Registration fee for all 3 below:

IFAA Hungarian Open, HEACH , the Eleven Duel is 70 euro.
Eleven3D 25€. If minimum two other (above) registrations are paid than10 €.

Info on:

BTE: Kamarás Szilárd