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Hungexpo - Eleven 3D

19th of February 2012, Budapest, FEHOVA


Building F Hungexpo, Budapest


28 targets(2x14), no elimination rounds

Time: 10.00-17.00


On place registration in case of vacant time available.



HDH-IAA rules,14 ELEVEN 3D targets in 2 rounds


Age groups: 

Veteran: +50years
Adult: 21 to 49 years
Youth: 18 to 20 years
Cadet: 15 to 17 years



The first 3 are awarded with medals and diplomas. The winners with trophies.

General info:

Under 5 registered competitors the categories will be contracted as below:
Veteran and adult or adult and youth or youth and cadet.

Registration fee Eleven 3D 25€. If minimum two other (above) registrations are paid than10 €.

Register before 5-th of February. Payment on place.