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HDH-IAA Historical E.C. 2011

13th of September 2011, Kőszeg, Hungary




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Some pictures about event in here!

As Chairman of the Organising Committee and on behalf of the HDH-IAA, I am pleased to invite you to the HDH-IAA Historical European Championships 2011.
The Competition will take place 13–17th of September 2011 and will be shot according to the HDH-IAA rules and regulations. 
The event is open to all competitors, whos have IAA shooting licence.









Tuesday 13.09.

10.00-18.00       Registration Historical & 3D (Hotel Írottkő)
12.00-16.00       Practice (Castle Jurisics)
19.00                  Opening ceremony (Castle Jurisics)
20.00                  Dinner (Hotel Írottkő)
21.00-22.00       Registration Historical & 3D (Hotel Írottkő)

 Wednesday 14.09.

08.00-10.00       Registration Historical & 3D (Hotel Írottkő)
11.00-18.00       3D 1-st day
11.00-17.00       Historical 1-st day
19.00                  Dinner 1-st turn (Hotel Írottkő)
20.00                  Dinnern 2-nd turn (Hotel Írottkő)

 Thursday 15.09.

10.00-16.00       3D 2-nd day
10.00-15.00       Historical 2-nd day
16.30-18.30       Hunting archery competition
19.00                  Dinner 1-st turn (Hotel Írottkő)
20.00                  Dinner 2-nd turn (Hotel Írottkő)

Friday 16.09.

10.00-16.00       3D 3-rd day
10.00-15.00       Historical 3-rd day
16.30-18.30       Hunting archery competition
19.00                  Dinner 1-st turn (Hotel Írottkő) 
20.00                  Dinner 2-nd turn (Hotel Írottkő)

Saturday 17.09.

10.00-13.00       3D Teams competition
14.00-15.00       Hunting archery competition Finals
15.00-18.00       Historical Finals
19.00-                 Banquet (Hotel Írottkő)
20.00-21.00       Award ceremony Historical & Hunting

 Sunday 18.09.

10.00-14.00       3D Teams & Individual Finals
15.00-17.00       Award ceremony 3D Team & Individual



What to do?

1. Register on application site
2. Transfer the registration fee
(it has to arrive to accont before deadline(transfer is 3 working days) on the transfer please write the registration number for identification.
3. If you have chosen recommended accomodation transfer 50 euro/person as insurance for booking ( it will be deducted of your bil) Can be transfered with competition fee.
4. You book your accomodation at: (all accomodation has to be booked here to receive lower rates)


Deadline, when money must be on account   Entry fee Euro /person Historical Cancellation fee in % of paid amount Accomodation deposit/person
May 31  70 € 10% 50
June 30  90 € 10% 50
July 31  110 € 20% 50
August 30  130 € 20% 50
From September 1 only at place payment is possible!
Do not transfer the money after 1-st of September.
200 € 50%  


If you are an individual shooter or your club /assosiation did not pay the membership fee for 2011 you have to buy individual shooting licence for 2011(15 Euro).

Our bank account for payment in EUR:

Hungarian Archery Association
Bank Name: Unicredit Bank
Bank Address: 1154 Szabadsagter5-6 Budapest
IBAN: HU85 1091 8001 0000 0080 5002 0030