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HDH-IAA 3D E.C. 2011

13th of September 2011, Kőszeg, Hungary




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A few pictures about event in here:

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As Chairman of the Organising Committee and on behalf of the HDH-IAA, I am pleased to invite you to the HDH-IAA 3D European Championships 2011.
The Competition will take place 13–18th of September 2011 and will be shot according to the HDH-IAA rules and regulations.
The event is open to all competitors, whos have IAA shooting licence.

Eleven 3D targets will be used on the courses. Used targets are for sale after the competition. The price is reduced by 30%
Please fill out the attached form and send it to if you are interested. 
The orders will be confirmed and handled in chronological order. The transport is to be solved by the buyer.









Tuesday 13.09.

10.00-18.00       Registration Historical & 3D  (Hotel Írottkő)
12.00-16.00       Practice (near boating lake and competitions office)
19.00                  Opening ceremony (Castle Jurisics)
20.00                  Dinner
21.00-22.00       Registration Historical & 3D  (Hotel Írottkő)

 Wednesday 14.09.

08.00-10.00       Registration Historical & 3D (near boating lake and competitions office)
11.00-18.00       3D 1-st day
11.00-17.00       Historical 1-st day
19.00                  Dinner 1-st turn (Hotel Írottkő) 
20.00                  Dinnern 2-nd turn (Hotel Írottkő)

 Thursday 15.09.

10.00-16.00       3D 2-nd day
10.00-15.00       Historical 2-nd day
16.30-18.30       Hunting archery competition
19.00                  Dinner 1-st turn (Hotel Írottkő)
20.00                  Dinner 2-nd turn (Hotel Írottkő)

Friday 16.09.

10.00-16.00       3D 3-rd day
10.00-15.00       Historical 3-rd day
16.30-18.30       Hunting archery competition
19.00                  Dinner 1-st turn (Hotel Írottkő)
20.00                  Dinner 2-nd turn (Hotel Írottkő)

Saturday 17.09.

10.00-13.00       3D Teams competition
14.00-15.00       Hunting archery competition Finals
15.00-18.00       Historical Finals
19.00-                 Banquet (Hotel Írottkő)
20.00-21.00       Award ceremony Historical & Hunting

 Sunday 18.09.

Location: Castle Jurisics

10.00     Team finals

10.00 – 10.30                    Short distance
10.30 – 11.00                    Long distance

11.00 – 12.00     Lunch break

12.00     Individual finals

Short distance categories:

12.00           PB-HB Adult
12.20           TR-LB Adult Female
12.40           TR-LB Adult Male
13.00           TR-LB Veteran
13.20           TR-RB Adult
13.40           BB Adult Female
14.00           BB Adult Male

Long distance categories:

14.20           HU Adult
14.40           CU Veteran
15.00           CU Adult

Starting times preliminary only, delays possible.



Hunting competition rules

Categories Bows with sight - Bows without sight - Historical
Time:   Thursday: 16.30-18.30   Friday:16.30-18.30   Saturday:14.00-15.00
Place: Castle
                             Times Arrows Total
Pig Moving in 90 degrees angle 2 2 4
Turning Moving 4 1 4
4 standing targets From 1 stick 4 1 4
Pig Moving away 2 1 2 

Finals Moving away and approaching 3 2 6

Fee: 10€ Deadline for reg.

Thursday 17.30 Hotel Irottkő 
Prices: 100% of payed in fees
1-st 60% of Total payed in fee in that category
2-nd 30% of Total payed in fee in that category 
3-rd 10% of Total payed in fee in that category



What to do?

1. Register on application site
2. Transfer the registration fee
(it has to arrive to accont before deadline(transfer is 3 working days) on the transfer please write the registration number for identification.
3. If you have chosen recommended accomodation transfer 50 euro/person as insurance for booking ( it will be deducted of your bil) Can be transfered with competition fee.
4. You book your accomodation at: (all accomodation has to be booked here to receive lower rates)


Deadline, when money must be on account   Entry fee Euro /person Cancellation fee in % of paid amount Accomodation deposit/person
May 31  140 € 10% 50
June 30  160 € 10% 50
July 31  180 € 20% 50
August 30  200 € 20% 50
From September 1 only at place payment is possible!
Do not transfer the money after 1-st of September.
250 € 50%  


If you are an individual shooter or your club /assosiation did not pay the membership fee for 2011 you have to buy individual shooting licence for 2011(15 Euro).

Our bank account for payment in EUR:

Hungarian Archery Association
Bank Name: Unicredit Bank
Bank Address: 1154 Szabadsagter5-6 Budapest
IBAN: HU85 1091 8001 0000 0080 5002 0030