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CEC Final

12th of September 2015, Hévíz, Kossuth Lajos utca 15.


WA 2X70 / 2X50 + FINALS


LOCALITY:   Hévíz, 8380 Hévíz, Kossuth Lajos utca 15.



DATE: 12-13. September 2015.

DIVISIONS: recurve, compound, barebow, hunter recurve, longbow, traditional

CATEGORIES: master, senior, junior, cadet (red is considered as base for CEC final awards.Best of 3 rounds)

recurve senior, junior 70m, 2x6x6 arrows – 122cm target face
recurve master, cadet 60m, 2x6x6 arrows-122cm target face compound, 50m, 2x6x6 arrows , -80cm target face
compound, 50m, 2x6x6 arrows , -80cm target face

barebow senior 50m, 2x6x6 arrows – 80cm target face
barebow master, junior, cadet 30m, 2x6x6 arrows – 80cm target face
hunter recurve, longbow, traditional, master, senior, junior, cadet, 30m, 2x6x6     arrows - 80cm target face


FINAL ENTRY: 04.September 2015. 20h

ENTRY-FEE:  25.- €/athlete for CEC divisions, all ages,  20.- €/athlete for non CEC divisions (after 04.09.2015 only with 50% extra charge possible. Deadline:08.September 2015. 12:00)
Late registration:

CANCELLATION: As latest10.September 2015.12h. (If not cancelled in time the team will be charged)

Lunch on Saturday at competiton place is included

Friday: Registration and practice field open 15-17h  


10.00-12:00       registration , technical inspection
12:05-12:25       opening ceremony
12:30-16:30       warm up, qualification round

Awarding ceremony for non CEC categories


9:00-   aprox.: 12:06 elimination rounds individuals
12:45- elimination rounds mixed teams

16:30 Medal ceremonies fo the Hungarian round and the 2015 CEC.

Team competition:

Mixed team event (1man,1woman)

DIVISIONS: recurve, compound,

CATEGORIES:  Recurve seniors and juniors together(70m), cadets separated(60m), Compound seniors, juniors and cadets together(50m)

ENTRY: direct after qualification round. Deadline 1 hour after last shot.

16 best teams qualify in each category. Coaches at place decide the pairs.


1-3 places medals, 4-6 Diploma, cup in case of 5+partcipants

CEC: Medals for the best 3 in each CEC division (best 3 scores will count)  

Teams: 1-3 places                                                                 

According to WA rules. (MÍSZ rules in complementary divisions))

Alcohol consumption and smoking  even „electrical cigarets” is not allowed on competition area. 


Recommended hotel:: Hotel Aquamarin★★★ - 8380 Hévíz Honvéd u. 14.