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Alpok Adria Kupa

5th of July 2014, Nádasd, Hegyalja út. 17.


International Field Competition

The competiton is organised at official rules of World Archery and valid AAC rules. Completed with the rules for instinctive categories.

Chief judge:Mr András Hegedűs

“B” judge: Fehér János
“A” judge: Dr. Morzál Ádám

Chief organizer: Mr. Ferenc Molnár „MIDESZ”
Phone:  0036-30-480 3620

Competition centre: Shooting field of the police secondary school,
Adress: H- 9915.Nádasd-Hegyalja út. 17.

GPS:É 46.98337, K 16.61334

Participation:     with valid licence issued of national assotiation

Categories: recurve, compound, barebow as in the WA description

Technical control: before start and during the competition


Children I.           10-12 years                  2002-2004

Children II.          13-14 years                  2000-2001

Cadet                  15-17 years                  1997-1999

Junior                  18-20 years                  1994-1996

Adult                   21-49 years                  1965-1993

Senior I.              50-64 years                  1966-1950

Senior II.             up 64 years                  1949-


Only the below categories will count in AAFC summary results, team events only in these categories also.

• Barebow women • Barebow men • Recurve women • Recurve men • Compound women • Compound men


5 July 2014 (Saturday)

group announcements: 07:30h- to 09:00h
warm up :                             to 09:15h
opening ceremony:              09:30h
start :                                     10:00h       unknown distances

Team  event after the individual event on Saturday as per rules


6 July 2014 (Sunday) 

 warm up :           to 08:15h

start:                   09:00h       known distances

Results, closing ceremony ca. 1 hour after last teams arrival!

Awards: First 3 places awarded in each category


Please register only electronically, use this site as registration page.

Web: As latest: 1 July 2014


Registration fee:

Senior/Adult/Junior: 20€,- (6000 HUF)  

Cadet/Children: 5€,- (1500 HUF)


Only the below categories will count in AAFC summary results.

• Barebow women • Barebow men • Recurve women • Recurve men • Compound women • Compound men


Important information!

During the competition smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages is forbidden.

Dopping and alcohol might be controlled during the competition.

Competitiors and visitors accept that photos and videos can be made and published later on.


Accomondation possibilities:

College 4-6-9 bed rooms: 1.900,- HUF/person.

There is possibillity for double rooms.

Contact: Mr. Csaba Horváth 0036 20-5281441.


Hotel Berki:

Gőzmalom hotel:


Hotel Rába:

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that on the road between Körmend and Nádasd are road works. Please calculates an extended driving time to be able to arrive on time. The traffic lights and possible congestion in the standing truck s extending the journey time.


We are looking forward to seeing you!